MTN Cameroon

MTN Magic Voice

What is it?

Magic Voice is a service that allows a subscriber to change his/her voice or simulate a background ambiance in real time while making a call.

It offers the subscriber the opportunity to mimic voices or ambiances from a library which includes Football ambience, Happy birthday ambience, Islamic ambience, Love ambience, Club ambience, Rain ambience, Cartoon Voice , Christianity ambience, Traffic ambience.

How does it work?

a. How to subscribe to MTN Magic Voice?
To subscribe to MTN Magic Voice service, the subscribers shall:
 - Dial the short code 8725.
 - Press 1 or 2 to select his language and subscribe.

b. How to use MTN Magic Voice service?
Subscribed users shall dial 8725 followed by this friend’s number to get the navigation prompt and choose his voice or ambiance among different voices and ambiances displayed in the Magic Voice menu. At any time during his conversation, he can switch to his normal voice by pressing 0.

How much does it cost?

MTN Magic Voice service consists of two bundles (daily and weekly)